September 25-26, 2019

SVN West, San Francisco

Thank you for joining us at Synapse 2019!

This year we hosted 1,000 fellow engineers, analysts, product leaders, and growth marketers at Synapse to learn how to unlock the full power of customer data.

Below you will find video recordings of our sessions from both days. We look forward to seeing you in 2020.

Watch the highlights from 2019

Synapse 2019 Video Gallery

Building a growth business unit in less than 12 months and through IPO

Designing human-centered products in a data-driven world

Customer data win-win: How to deliver better insights while protecting privacy

Advancing machine learning in the cloud

Customer-first means privacy-first

Customer-first means privacy-first

Customer-first means privacy-first

Analytics Academy Live: Maintaining data quality as you scale

Analytics Academy Live: Building a new product? Get the data right

Analytics Academy Live: Understand, engage, and delight your customers

Analytics Academy Live: Using data to make smart product bets

Customer-driven growth at enterprise scale

Data culture demystified: Strategies for cultivating data-driven decisions

Evolution of customer engagement: From personalization to individualization

Evolving into a direct-to-consumer business

Experiment! How to drive product innovation in teams big and small

Fender’s digital transformation

Finding the best customers with propensity modeling

How to get your security story CCPA-ready

Lessons learned from the digital trenches: Increasing engagement and driving revenue

Making real-time analytics happen with little manual effort

Powering e-commerce growth with machine intelligence: learnings from a 90-year-old outdoor gear business.

Predicting love: Applying systems modeling to human systems

The death of the cookie: What advertising looks like without third-party data

Transforming a 275-year-old company into a data innovator

Turning data into insights: A deep dive on attribution and engagement

Using data to make big bets and drive rapid growth

We are builders: The technology leaders' guide to scaling a company

What data-driven growth marketing actually looks like

Where does data democracy begin?